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Our company was founded in 1962 by Ioannis Pavlakis in Thessaloniki beginning with various metal constructions.

In 1964 it was established in a private building in 29 Kolettis str. in Thessaloniki. Since 1970 it has also been involved in the production of stainless steel constructions and tanks for wine-making, distillation and cheese-making.

In 1974 Miltiadis Ioan. Pavlakis actively enters the business while studying engineering at the same time. Our company has a rising progress by producing stainless steel tanks for wine-making, distillation, oil-making, cheese-making in different dimensions, cooling jacketed tanks, tanks for wine production, tanks for stabilizing wine fermentation, tanks for the freezing and maintenance of milk, liquid blenders, having experience, consistency and the best service support for our clients.

Since 1999 our head offices have been moved to the Industrial Area of Thessaloniki in Sindos replenishing our production with state of the art machinery as well as CE for the tanks for freezing-maintenance and ISO 9001:2008 certification.

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