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Jacketed tanks

Spot welding, automatic production. There are no internal burns and it has not undergone any process.
Pressure-Extrusion testing 20bar
Efficiency 200 Kcal / m2 / 0 ° / Hr.

10 ton double jacketed tank 2 ton fully jacketed tank 1 ton half jacketed tank
10 ton jacketed tank 2 TON half jacketed tank with oval gate 2 ton half jacketed tank
2 ton jacketed open tank 3 TON jacketed tank with floating lid 5 TON single jacketed tank
10 TON double jacketed tank 30 TON single jacketed oil tank Oval jacketed tank
300 lit jacketed vessel 500 lit jacketed vessel Double jacketed mixer
36cm panel cooler Oil storage tanks 30 ton 100 lit jacketed tanks
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