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Steinles steel tanks with agitator - MIXER. The tanks are harmonized with the pattern of CE.

Harmonized with the following patterns ΕΝ 12100, ΕΝ 1672-2, ΕΝ 60204-1

As it defined from the directions of EU 20006/42/EK.

1TON horizontal tanks with agitator 1TON mixer for praline-chocolate 5TON chocolate mixer
500lit jacketed mixer 1,5TON mixer with inverter panel Mixer with agitator
1TON mixer Mixer at high speed 900rpm/min 150lit mixer
500lit mixer for ouzo 2TON mixer 1TON mixer
3700lit mixer - 7,5HP with inverter  Double jacketed mixer 1300lit Mixer - 20HP
13,8TON Mixer - 5,5HP - 4KW 10TON Mixer - 5,5KW 150lit Mixer - 1,5HP - electrical resistance
150lit Mixer with double body and bottom, insulation and resistance


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